新型コロナウィルス感染症の影響でスタジオ閉鎖、人数制限など皆さまには多々なるご迷惑をお掛けしていますが、そのような状況の中、UV Performing Art、そして芸術を支援し続けてくださっていることに心から感謝しております。


舞台にたちたい、マスクを外して踊りたい、沢山の ”やりたい!” が叶いますように、皆さまが安全で健康でいられることを心より願っております。そして素晴らしい一年となりますようお祈りしています。




薄井ビラリアル 英里


Thank you for your continued support through this difficult time.


With courage and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.  May your 2022 be wonderful and you have a Happy New Year!


Eri Usui-Villareal





Have a wonderful show at Metropolitan Opera!





Nothing is more exciting than seeing you on the stage!

Congratulations, Mayumi Sensei!


Break A Leg!













A new dance season has started.  I am very happy to be able to learn with you all again.


This term, I'd like to pay close attention to the concept of, "A 'you' that never give up."


The idea that the key to achieving your ambitions, such as being able to do a triple turn or getting your leg high enough to go above your ears, is you.


The job of the teacher is to be the person in charge of giving their students the methods to go in the right direction. 


Your job is to take those methods and work on going beyond what you can imagine.


The wall between a triple and double turn can be daunting. By challenging these obstacles and working through them one by one with everyone, I am looking forward to experiencing many moments of success with you all!











I am very honored to have the opportunity to teach ballet at UVDS once again this year.

Let us work hard step-by-step again this year to polish the dancing we’ve done. 

As dancers, we are artists so I believe that you care about the foundational, basic movements. Let’s revisit the basics and foundations by really focusing on moves that we may have not given much thought to before, and awaken the muscles that we previously weren’t using. 

As you go to every lesson with this intent to care, there will be a noticeable difference in the final results and the new movements you will learn. This will most definitely have an effect on the performance you give on stage or in front of cameras. 


I hope through building the muscles and body for dance, you come across many findings and discoveries!


I am looking forward to being able to dance with you all again. 


M. Omagari




UV Performing Arts の夏も以前のようにスタジオでのサマーキャンプが始まります。




With the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, we are slowly but surely going back to a more normal life. 


At UV Performing Arts, the Summer camps will be held at the studio as they have in the past. 


This summer, we are in the process of preparing solo dance pieces for a competition, with the hopes that we will be able to travel much more freely and safely in the near future. The students will be performing pieces created by Lena Nishihara of  Dance Element. 







Eri U-V


Thank you for watching our showcase “10th Anniversary!” and ten remarkable years of warmth, dedication, and support. I absolutely couldn't have done it without you, nor can I take the next steps without your help. I'm honored and humbled to have the opportunity to teach such a wonderful group of students.


It's been 10 years, but there is still a lot to learn and a lot to teach. Let's keep it going and growing for the next ten years together!


Hugs and High Fives,


Eri U-V



4/3/21  今私はコンクールの振付をしています。








今振り付けている子はコンテンポラリー初めて!!不器用ではありますがよく考え、懸命に取り組んでくれています。(西原 礼奈)

3/1/21     ダンスの訓練はとても重要です。私は常に正確な基礎訓練と正しい訓練の仕方を大切に指導しています。でもこれは将来にむけてのこれからの人生に必要な事の1つ。ダンス技術以外に生徒たちに伝えているのは、大切な友人を作ること、ちゃんとコミュニケーションを取ること、そしてその出会いを大切にすることです。なぜなら、自分が苦しい時に乗り越える糧となってくれるのは技術でなく大切な友人たちだからです。私の生徒たちは小さい頃から一緒にダンスを学び、一緒に成長しています。彼らが家族のように美しく踊る姿にはとても素晴らしい絆があります。薄井ビラリアル 英里)
Training is important.  I teach how to build the proper foundation and how to work correctly. But this is only one piece of journey. Along with the technical knowledge, I tell my dancers to make good friends, communicate them, and nurture those relationships because those are the people who will carry them through the harder times. My dancers grow very close among each other. It is nice to see them dance beautifully together like a family.
Eri U-V

2/7/21 コロナ感染症による自粛が始まり約一年。ダンスクラスをはじめ、学校へも行けず規制が多々ある中、私にやる気と感銘を与えてくれているのは、大切な生徒たちです。







(薄井ビラリアル 英里)



It's been almost a year since this pandemic started.  Even in this difficult time, my students continue to inspire and motivate me.


They are the one whose beauty and talent bring my choreography to life.  They are the one whose progress makes my heart happy!


Keep working hard - it will bring results.  Technique is key - but grace, vulnerability and strength are what makes an artist special.


Thank you, dancers for sharing your beautiful energy!


Eri U-V

2/3/21 「先生、質問です!」Vol. 17















Kira asked:

If you didn't dance, what would you be doing instead?


Lena Sensei: I would have been a rhythmic gymnast. I wanted to be a dancer for sure but some professions I thought I might be able to on the side were like a nail artist or a hair and make-up artist. I don’t think I would’ve had an interest in either of these if I hadn’t been doing dance. And if I wasn’t doing dance, I don’t think I would’ve gotten married!


Eri Sensei: I have always had an interest in eastern medicine and oceanography so I may have been a specialist in herbal medicine, had a job at an aquarium, or going diving into the ocean to research sea creatures and coral.


Mayumi Sensei: If I hadn’t continued dancing I think I would’ve been doing acting. 

1/24/21「先生、質問です!」Vol. 16
















Emma U-V asked:

How did you feel after not getting the job you auditioned for? 

Additionally, how did you motivate yourself to go to another audition afterwards?


Lena Sensei:

I never made it anyone else’s fault. It was just that I didn’t study enough. I knew I just didn’t practice enough so I used that as the energy to motivate myself to take a bunch of lessons.


Eri Sensei: I didn’t make it through the audition I wanted the most [mentioned in Q&A#15], afterwards I smiled and thanked the judges, then headed out of the room and went to Central Park as I cried. However, I thought about how I still was able to go to an audition and dance with dancers that had so much more talent than myself, meet my idol Madonna, and I also had an audition on the following day, so I fixed my makeup and went to go take more classes to continue improving myself again..

Since I made up my mind to become a dancer, by not giving myself the time to feel sad and constantly practicing to keep improving, I was able to keep trying and moving forward.


Mayumi Sensei:

I’ve been to many auditions but it is always saddening to be dropped after multiple callbacks and also being one of the last few people left. 

Around the time I’d been in America for about two years, I had a moment where I considered giving up on everything and going back to Japan. But as I was taking a ballet class and as I did the first exercise which was a plie I thought to myself, “I guess I’ve been taking lessons like this since I was small”. I then came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to give up on my dream after I’ve come this far, so I continued to go to auditions as I did before.

1/10/21 「先生、質問です!」Vol. 15
















Joe asked:

What was the job(audition) you wanted the most?

Did you get that job?


Lena Sensei: When I was young I loved Janet Jackson and I wanted to be one of her backup dancers. Sadly an audition for that job never happened during the time I lived in New York…

After returning to japan I was inspired by Jo Kanamori who was at Jiri Kylián’s company so I went to a company audition and made it in. Unfortunately, it overlapped with another important job so I had to decline the opportunity. It was a hard decision to make.


Eri Sensei: The job I wanted to do the most was to be a backup dancer on Madonna’s world tour in 1993. Sadly, I did not make it through the final cut. 


Mayumi Sensei: The job I wanted the most was to be a performer on the musical Cats and to be a Broadway dancer.


I was lucky to be able to get both jobs.

1/5/21「先生、質問です!」Vol. 14








Jete Leapsが好きです。踏み込みと着地の技術ををバレエで培い、空気に乗れる瞬発力を養うと良いと思います。









What is your favorite dance move (turns, jumps, etc.), why and how can we (student dancers) improve on that skill?


Lena Sensei: I like slow movements. You can’t really cover up any mistakes with that. I really love pushing myself to go through the difficult situations that come up when doing movements like that.


Eri Sensei: I like jete leaps. I think that [to get better at it] you should cultivate the skill to take off and land properly through ballet and then work on improving the ability to instantly get on top of the air.


Mayumi Sensei: I don’t particularly have a favorite move but instead of dancers who can raise their leg up super high or do an endless number of spins, I find the dancers that can attract the audience’s attention with even the smallest movements or just striking a pose to be amazing. 

I think for each and one of you students to become a dancer that can draw the eyes of the audience and move their hearts, it becomes important on how hard you can work at every lesson you take.

This is because there are certain things that only people who put their all into dancing can do. 

The audience can feel the soul of these dancers when they see them perform, which is probably why the people who watch them are left in awe.

12/30/20 「先生、質問です!」Vol12






  • デュエットで組んだ男性ダンサーにリフトされて肋骨にヒビがはいりました。
  • デュエットで組んだ女性に腕を引っ張られて肘が亜脱臼しました。









Q & A #12

Kira asked:

Do you have a dance horror story?


Lena Sensei: I think I would say injuries. 

  • For a duet, my male partner and I performed a lift and I got a hairline fracture in my rib.
  • For a duet, my female partner pulled on my arm and I dislocated my elbow. 

I ended up being the injured one for these cases but it could’ve gone either way for both. I think from being injured I felt that the more I moved my body with the knowledge of how the body works, I would be able to significantly decrease the number of injuries for my body. 


Eri Sensei: For me, it would be the time I broke my leg during a performance when doing a lift. I couldn’t move my body at all, but since the next group was already starting their piece, I tumbled away on the ground into the wings as if I were a rolling log. 


Mayumi Sensei: My horror story would be the time I had performed a role on stage that I had never done before without any rehearsals prior to that. 


















What keeps you from quitting dance?


Lena Sensei: Keeping goals. Going to classes with a vague mindset isn’t any fun at all. For example, I may set a goal like, “Be able to do the splits by December”. By doing so, you can naturally come across what you’re going to have to do to reach that goal in the end. 


Eri Sensei: I continue to dance because it is the source of my happiness. Uneasiness, dissatisfaction, anger, jealousy, and stubbornness are all sources of “struggle”– the thing that lets me understand the things inside me that hold on to those sources, find a way to improve, and guide me towards happiness is dance. 

From the time I started dance, I was always falling behind and making mistakes. This is also why I was able to learn a lot of things. Experiencing hardships is the first step towards growth. Dance can change misfortune into happiness.

With all that said, I still continue to experience failures to this day and thus I still cannot quit dancing.


Mayumi Sensei:  It is very simple.

It is because if I quit dance, I will become very sad.

I just cannot think of living a life where there is no dance. 

12/26/20「先生、質問です!」Vol. 11










今まで私を導いてくださった先生方、振付師達と多々いますが特に、私がニューヨークへ渡るきっかけを下さったSuzi Taylor先生です。教師としてもダンサーとしてもとても尊敬しています。





Who is/was your role model?


Lena Sensei: I don’t bear any similarities to them but my role model is Sylvie Guillem. I cannot copy any of the talents she was born with but I can at least make a goal to have the passion she had. 

Also, nobody specific comes to mind but I look up to singers.

The reason is that I feel it is amazing that they have the ability to move people’s hearts not just with their voice but with lyrics as well, and that they are also artists just like dancers.


Eri Sensei: It includes many people like the multiple teachers and choreographers that have guided me but I think I would say that it is my teacher Suzi Taylor, who gave me the opportunity to go to New York, who I respect not just as a teacher but as a dancer as well.


Mayumi Senei: People who are able to balance having a job and a family have my utmost respect and I aspire to be like them.


















Kira asked: What is the best part of being a dancer?


Lena Sensei: It would be that I was able to refine the skill of feeling things through my body, which isn’t something you can understand through theory or conceptualize through studying.


Eri Sensei: It would be that as a dancer, I can use movement and sound to enter another dimension of peace and joy. Being able to share that experience with the audience brings a certain kind of happiness that makes me feel good about becoming a dancer.


Mayumi Sensei: I believe this applies to other jobs, but the dance industry is extremely competitive. To stay alive in this industry means that each person must keep fighting with themselves while honing their skills in dance, which can sometimes give you a sense of loneliness.

Creating a show along with other dancers who understand these hardships and also have a will to convey something through dance brings a very strong sense of unity. 

Those moments I am able to get a taste of that sense of unity is when I feel my decision to become a dancer was a good one.

12/16/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 9 キラさんからの質問:










Q & A #9 Kira asked:

What is your favorite memory from dance?


Lena Sensei: My memory from dance was my first performance, which was The Nutcracker. I played the role of one of the mice so I remember having a lot of fun running around like a mouse. 


Eri Sensei: After my decision to move to New York and upon arriving at the JFK international airport, I got on a yellow cab and told the driver where I was heading with my broken English. My memory is from when I was on that cab and after a while, I saw the skyline of Manhattan for the first time. The resolve I had in those days still supports me to this day. 


Mayumi Sensei: I have many memories but the one that comes to mind is being able to perform in the musical Cats, which was a dream come true. 

But I think the thing that comes above all is the fact that I was able to make irreplaceable friends through doing dance. 



12/14/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 8 キラさんからの質問:














Q & A #8

Kira asked:

Do you feel like you missed out on things because of dance?

Do you regret not doing something because at the time dance was more important?


Lena Sensei: I was simultaneously learning dance and rhythmic gymnastics. Because of this, I didn’t have any regrets doing dance– If I was thinking of something for dance and couldn’t come to a conclusion with my thoughts there, I would sometimes come across an answer through rhythmic gymnastics. It was very fun when the lessons I learned from both worlds would collide. 


Eri Sensei: By the time I was in high school I was balancing dance, schoolwork, and part-time jobs so the things I couldn’t do were like going on vacations with my friends or attending singles parties.

It was hard growing up with a difficult family situation, but I was able to overcome those times and have the lifestyle I have now thanks to dance, so I have no regrets and rather have so much gratitude for many things. 


Mayumi Sensei:

Things I couldn't do because I chose to do dance… If I had to say, it would be things like not being able to go skiing in the winter and not being able to go to the beach in the summer. 😆

My Ballet teacher advised me to avoid skiing and going to the beach because for skiing I might break a leg and be unable to dance, and as for the beach, it was to avoid getting tanned because the tan lines might be visible for some of the costumes I would wear.

I think there are many things I missed out on due to doing dance but I don’t have any regrets. 

On the contrary, if I hadn’t chosen dance I would’ve only had regrets in life. 

12/4/20「先生、質問です!」Vol. 7 アイナさんからの質問:
レイナ先生: バレエ→ジャズダンス→コンテンポラリーになりました。
エリ先生: バレエ、日舞、ジャズダンス、タップダンスを小さい頃から習っていましたが、ニューヨークに行くきっかけとなった先生に出会い、コンテンポラリージャズの世界に入りました。
Q & A #7 Aina asked:

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite holiday?

What caused you to start dance?


Lena Sensei:

White, blue


My mother and Aunt being Ballet teachers was the cause. 


Eri Sensei:

Turquoise, pink.

New Years Day.

I saw an ad for dance classes on the bus I rode and began taking lessons from there. 


Mayumi Sensei:

It is pink.

Christmas and New Years Day.

After my mother took me to observe a ballet class, I started attending class for no particular reason.😋


Emma Y asked:

Why did you choose the style of dance you do now?


Lena Sensei: It went from Ballet→Jazz→Contemporary.

The clear movements in contemporary dance fit with my personality, I think?


Eri Sensei: I was learning ballet, traditional Japanese dance, and tap dance from a young age, but I met a teacher that became the cause of me going to New York, from there I stepped foot into the world of contemporary jazz.

Contemporary at its most basic form is Ballet, but it isn’t limited to one form, you can use other dance styles and there is an infinite number of possibilities, which is why I chose this style.


Mayumi Sensei:

The things I wanted to do were acting, singing, and dancing. Since Musicals had all three, the styles I chose were theatre and jazz. 

Additionally, I continued to do Ballet since it is required for every style of dance. 

11/25/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 6











Q&A # 6

Kira asked:

What do you do when you have injuries? Do you still dance if you get injured?


Lena Sensei: It depends on the type of injury I get, but I dislike losing my muscular strength and general sensation [of dance] so I kept attending class. Adapting to what I couldn’t do over time. Attending basic classes is so important to letting your body absorb things.


Eri Sensei: I have had a lot of injuries around my lower body and since there was no other way to recover other than lying down and letting my body rest, I stretched out or strengthened other parts of my body such as the arms and my uninjured leg. On the other hand, it became a habit to injure the same area so after I had recovered I would make sure to always keep any areas around the injury warm and would stretch a lot with care.


Mayumi Sensei: Depending on the type of injury there would be instances I would take class keeping in mind to not push myself, but at other times, instead of pushing myself and resulting with a prolonged injury, I would rather just take a break and heal quickly so I can go back to work as soon as possible. In the instance I have a severe injury, I’ll go to a physical therapist– to make sure I don’t weaken other parts of my body that weren’t injured and for the sake of being able to return to normal after my recovery, I would do the exercises recommended by my therapist and continue moving my body throughout the healing process. I think it is also important that you learn how to dance and strengthen your body in a way that prevents you from getting an injury.

11/22/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 5














Q&A #5

Joe asked:

What kind of food do you eat (or avoid) as a dancer? 


Lena Sensei: I do my best to eat a variety of different things. Not in a way that’s just like, I’ll only eat this because it’s healthy. At its most basic level, my diet consists of vegetables. I eat around 3 times more vegetables than the amount of meat I consume. If I’m having something like hot pot it’s very easy for me to eat veggies, meat and fish all in one go.

After exercising, I avoid drinking sweet beverages, and I also dislike feeling tired for long periods of time so I drank things with amino acids before rehearsals to avoid that feeling. 


Eri Sensei: I will usually eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, tofu, fish and meat with an emphasis on  brown rice. Since I can’t eat much during performances or classes, for breakfast I’d eat things that sit well in my stomach such as ochazuke (Japanese dish in which hot tea or dashi is poured over rice) using brown rice. 

Also, because foods with sugar will exhaust you, I will avoid said foods before or during exercise; instead I’ll treat myself with some sweets after all the hard work!


Mayumi Sensei: I’ll eat anything but I will keep in mind to eat a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains and anything high in protein such as meat, fish and legumes.

In order to prevent any lingering muscle fatigue, I will drink a lot of water. 

When your body doesn’t have enough water, it tends to get heavy and you will feel tired much sooner, and in some cases this will lead to you being unable to move your body properly and result in an injury, which is why I will be careful staying hydrated. 

11/18/20 「先生、質問です!」Vol 4










また、ディズニーのオーディションにUV DANCE SQUADチームを挑戦させたいのと、ニューヨークでのダンスキャンプも再挑戦させたいです。日本でのUV Performing Arts のダンス公演も是非やってみたいです。











Q&A #4

Emma Y asked:

Do you have any plans for us dancers when the pandemic is over?


Lena Sensei:

I would like to make 2 to 3 minute long pieces for each student and have them go to competitions. By dancing to the same choreography (piece) repeatedly you discover a lot of things. The more you keep dancing the piece you’ll get attached to it and will begin to think how to dance it in a certain way.


Eri Sensei:

I certainly want to have a performance at a theater with all my dancers. Rehearsals, hair and makeup, lighting, acoustics and an audience… I can’t wait for when we can dance live again on stage.

Additionally, I would like the UV DANCE SQUAD   team to audition for Disney and I would like to challenge the dance camp in New York once again.

I would also like to have UV Performing Arts have a performance in Japan.


Mayumi Sensei:

After the Coronavirus pandemic has settled down, I assume everybody will be doing performances in many places once again.

When that time comes you must be prepared to be able to go back on stage right away.

My answer to this question is that I would like to have a helping hand in training you all in your “Current” state so that you are all able to stand on stage and be able to perform at any time.

When you are practicing for a performance, it will become harder to split the time that is spent on building stamina and doing basic training.

Do your best to effectively use the time that is reserved for more in-depth training.

I also will come from New York to go watch everyone perform onstage someday!

11/15/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 3














昔から夢はいっぱいあるのですが、その一つが振付師になる事でした。現在、UV Performing Artsの素晴らしいダンサー達に私の作品を踊ってもらえる事は、私の夢が一つ叶っていると言う事で、本当にありがたい人生です。





Q&A #3


Joe asked:


What do you do besides dance?

What do you do with your kids?

What do you think you would do if you didn’t have kids?


Lena Sensei: If I didn’t have *kids I would have been a full-time dancer, 100%. I also would’ve been continuing my work in creating pieces and choreographing, something I’d picked up around my twenties. 

I was so surprised when I first experienced a world outside of dance (raising children). Just the experience of feeling essential to someone. 

Today, I am a full-time homemaker and dance teacher. 

In my private life I learn about boys and I work with a lot of girls at my job so I learn about that there. It’s interesting, I’m the teacher but at the same time I’m learning from my students.

I’m always realizing new things and I enjoy this feeling of growing up with my students, it’s probably one of the reasons why I continue doing this job even today.


*She is the mother of 3 sons


Eri Sensei: I think the other teachers know of this well, I was never the type of person that seemed to have interest in getting married and starting a family, so with the life I have now, married and blessed with children, I am experiencing feelings of gratitude everyday. If I had not come across the family I have today, I probably would’ve had a career as a dancer. At the same time I have always had an interest in eastern medicine and oceanography so I may have been a specialist in herbal medicine or had a job at an aquarium. 


I have had many dreams and ambitions from long ago and one of those dreams was to become a choreographer. Today, I am grateful to have one of my dreams fulfilled with wonderful dancers at UV Performing arts that will dance my pieces.


Mayumi Sensei: Because of the pandemic, I am at home all of the time, so when I am not dancing I will do yoga, and I have recently been learning about human anatomy in relation to a dancer’s body and muscles. 

(I do not have kids but my partner’s child likes rice balls and pizza so I would like to make some with him soon).

11/8/20「先生、質問です!」Vol 2



1) どのくらいダンスに時間を費やしていますか?


2) ダンス以外にどんなトレーニングをしていますか?




1) 現役時代は週6回教え週5回自分のトレーニングでレッスン受けてました。今はヨガを受けています。レッスンできない日はキッチンに脚をアラセゴンに乗っけてストレッチ(キッチンの高さが何故かちょうどいい)や洗面台をついて腕立て伏せしてます。


2) ヨガやキッチンでストレッチや洗面台で腕立て伏せ(上記と同じ)




1) ダンサーとして生活していた時代は、日曜日以外毎日、一日24クラスレッスンを受けていました。現在は子育て、家事があるので、キッチンや車でもストレッチは欠かさないようにしています。又作品作りのため、スーパーで野菜を選んでいる時も、店で流れる音楽や、色彩や、心の感情に目を向けています。


2) キッチンストレッチと筋トレ。時間がある時は、Floor BarrePilatesをしています。




1) 学生の時は毎日35時間位踊っていたと思います。







2) 週に4日ヨガをしています。


Kira asked: 


1) How much time do you devote to dance ?


2) What type of training do you do outside of dance?


Lena sensei: 


1) At the point I was most active in my career, I taught 6 classes a week and I took 5 classes a week to train myself. I take yoga classes now as well. On days I cannot take class, I stretch my legs in à la seconde using my kitchen [countertop] (For some reason the kitchen has the perfect height) or I might lean on the sink to do push-ups.


2) Yoga or stretching in my kitchen or doing push-ups using my sink(As mentioned above).


Eri sensei: 


1) During the time I was a dancer, I took 2 to 4 classes/lessons everyday except on Sundays. Now that I have other responsibilities such as raising my kids and doing chores around the house, I keep in mind to not miss the opportunities to stretch in places like the kitchen or my car. Adding on to this, for the purpose of creating [new] pieces, I may be at a supermarket picking vegetables and at the same time, listen to the song playing at the store, take in the colors around me, and be aware of any emotions I feel in a certain moment [in the context of listening to music].


2) I workout and do stretches in the kitchen. When I have the time, I’ll do Floor Barre or Pilates.


Mayumi sensei: 


1) I believe that when I was a student I used to dance somewhere around 3 to 5 hours everyday.

After I began working professionally, I was only taking one class per day but for every class I was dancing full out, at 100% and trained like so every time.

Even though I say class, for the full 90 minutes I would bring the same amount of focus and expressiveness that I would if I was onstage.

Ever since the pandemic, I take around 10 hours worth of time a week and spend it on dancing and bodybuilding.


2) I do yoga 4 times a week.



11/1/20 「先生、質問です!」Vol 1




レイナ先生: 私はダンスを始めて40年になりますが経験値はあんまり関係なくて努力した人の方が勝る世界だと思っています。



エリ先生: 現役時代はインターネットや携帯が無かったので、日本では、知り合いからオーディション情報を聞いたり、ニューヨークに渡ってからはBackstage と言うダンス情報新聞を買ってオーディションへ行っていました。今はオンラインより情報を得られるのと、ダンスのテレビ番組も沢山あり、挑戦が以前より楽になりました。ただ、実力と才能により選別される事は変わっていないので、将来ダンスを仕事にしたければやはり日々の努力は欠かせないと思います。



ダンスインダストリと言ってもダンサー・振付師・ダンス教師等色々な種類の仕事がありますし、バレエ・モダン・ジャズ・シアター・コマーシャル etc... とそれぞれのジャンルによっても仕事を得る難しさの違いはあるでしょう。













Kira asked:  How hard is the dance industry?

Is it hard to get the job you want?


Lena sensei: It has been 40 years since I began dancing but I think that in this industry, the amount of experience one has comes second to the amount of effort one puts in.

At some point I found myself obsessed with dance, and then I found myself with a job in the dance world. To keep doing your best in your dance classes so that you can become the type of dancer you want to be and to have a job onstage by a certain age– I think setting a goal for yourself like this is very important.


Eri sensei: During my career as a dancer, there was no internet or cell phone. So when I was in Japan, I received audition information from my acquaintances, and after I came to New York,  I obtained my info from a dance newspaper called Backstage and went to auditions from there. Nowadays you can get info from the internet, additionally as there are more TV shows that feature dance, so going to auditions is much easier compared to before. At the same time, the fact that you are judged by skill and talent has still not changed, so if you plan on being a dancer in the future I think it is important to continuously put in effort everyday.


Mayumi sensei: In one word, I would say that it is difficult! (lol)

The dance industry branches into many different jobs such as dancer, choreographer, instructor, and it branches off even further into different genres such as ballet, modern, jazz, theater, commercial, etc…

The level of difficulty of securing a job will most likely differ between all of these branches.

But, I think that every person has a chance at getting a job in the world of dance.

To do this, one must put in a suitable amount of effort and passion, have the ability to not let go of the chances that come, and possess the will to not give up and to keep working hard.


Mayumi sensei (in response to the second question): I think that it is hard to get a job in any occupation but I think it is also difficult to get a job in the world of dance as well! (lol)

All of those that have jobs in this industry are great dancers and have technique.

It is normal for these people to be able to dance and it is normal for them to be able to do what they are asked of.

To be able to compete with these people you must always go to classes to train, and watch pieces from remarkable artists to learn and keep on continuously improving your craft.

This is expected even when you are tired and/or don’t feel like going [to class, etc.] on any given day.


It is also important to have some quality inside of you that makes people choose you over all of the other amazing dancers, something that will turn heads, and something that will make people think, I want to work with this person.


10/16/20  初心にかえる
















薄井ビラリアル 英里


DANCE is getting popular in 2020. Especially TikTok and all other online platforms available during the pandemic. Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including muscle strength, endurance, motor fitness, and especially mental confidence.


Thursday 3:15-3:45pm Mom and Me  is very energetic class with a lot of smiles! 


Mom and me /Tiny Tots class is fun yet provides students with a foundation in proper dance education. Classes incorporate creative movement, ballet, jazz, and open style dance as well as a variety of educational add-ons including the alphabet, color, music theory, and more.


My tiny dancers impress me every week. They greet proprietary every time they enter and exit the screen, work hard remember steps and stretch even it is not easy for grownups. When one of dancer gets sad, other dancer comes to camera and encourages her. They are caring each other and building teamwork even though the Zoom lesson. Moms are very supportive and dancing while they rake care of younger child and pet.


All of my dancers are special and talented. Mom and me class is one of my favorite class. It heals me and reminds me to be honest to yourself and the joy of dancing! 


Eri U-V

10/10/20 どんな場でもダンサーで


















西原 礼奈


October 10, 2020: Stay as a dancer whenever, wherever you are


Its been a couple weeks since my contemporary Zoom class begin. Maybe its because I am new teacher, I can feel their nervousness. Well, you can feel the nervousness even through the screen.  That means, you can perform and express even through the screen. I wanted to remind all my students to be aware that it is important to stay as an artist whenever or wherever you are. An artist need to be ready to perform, anytime, anywhere.


Class is where you train and learn. It is where you make so many mistakes, you get frustrated, you repeat challenging but fail again.  Keep pushing yourself and having a patience, I promise you will have some reward or success. Even you are not flexible, if you continue stretching everyday, you will  definitely become flexible.  It is important not to give up and keep continuing.


I want all of my students to do their best both in-person class and Zoom class even it is not easy.


Unfortunately, I will take a break because of my surgery. Thank you for your kind messages and gift. I will continue to learn during my recovery thinking all of my students are doing as well. I will see you hopefully soon.


Lena Nishihara

10/8/20 レッスン1~3を終えて


UV Performing ArtsのProfessionalコース、UV DANCE SQUADの皆さんのバレエのクラスが始まったのが9月24日。今まで3回のレッスンを行いましたが、先ず毎回感じる事は、生徒さんの醸し出すエネルギーがとてもきれいだなという事です。







  • バレエをする際の姿勢
  • ターンアウトの仕方
  • センター(コア)の探し方
  • 背中と両脇の使い方
  • 6D(Direction)呼吸
  • ピルエット(回転)さわり












そしてUV Performing Artsの皆さんは、その頑張る心を持っています。






パンデミックという状況の中でも元気な笑顔. で毎回クラスに参加してくれる生徒の皆さんに、レッスンをさせて頂ける事は私の大きな喜びとなっています。




Mayumi Omagari


October 8, 2020: Class progress


My ballet class for UV DANCE SQUAD started in September.  I have done 3 lessons since and all of my students have a wonderful energy every time I teach.  All of UV DANCE SQUAD dancers' attitude is very graceful.  They do their best even they do not have a best class situation such as difficult to see the instructor through the screen, hard to hear the sounds, their house and apartment structures. They have an amazing focus even  adult sometime struggle to do so. And It is very important to focus under any situation if you are an artist. 


Past three lesson, I 've taught:

Ballet pasture

Turn out

How to find your core

How to use your back and side

6 Direction breathing technique

Basic of pirouette


Dancer needs to develop a stable base correctly. It is same as building the house. It is very important to build correct dance base so that they can use their body from inside to up, down, front, back, right and left.  I am helping my student to build solid core and to use correct hip sockets so that they will be able to use right muscle to balance and harmonized movement.  I will let my students to challenge some big movement in my future class but continue to repeat the fundamental ballet training to keep their base strong.


UV DANCE SQUAD dancers are working on this unexciting process with me.  Needs a lot of patience and strength.  You might feel "too much" or "too boring".  Well, it is okay to feel that way! I guarantee that your body will appreciate in a future!


You will hit some wall when you practice and practice especially anyone who involved any performing art form including dance. But this wall is very important.  There is no wall that you can not climb. Just do not give up and trust your strength.


All of UV Performing Arts students have strength.  My goal is to climb the wall together and to share the joy of dance where you can only experience the other side of the wall.


It is such a wonderful experience for me to teach those UV DANCE SQUAD dancers who have positive smile.  They light my day during this pandemic.  Thank you for this opportunity and see you next week!


Mayumi Omagari

9/20/20 スタジオレッスン再開










September 19, 2020  Studio re-opening!
UV Performing Arts re-opened with following CDC and King county safety guidance with keeping small sized class and social distancing. 
Everyone grew, some of them got taller than me!  But their smile hasn't changed al all.  It is not easy to dance with mask on.  Feels like to climb high mountain.  But everyone was happy to dance fully in the UV Performing Arts studio!  They commented like "I feel sooo good to dance big!"  "I am glad to see my friends even  I only to see their eyes and hair"  "I missed the noise from the other side of the room."  "I want to take more classes to get back my shape".
Thank you for understanding the new rules and restrictions.  We appreciate your continued support.  Please sign up UV Performing Arts Zoom lesson and/or in-person lesson (2-3 student with the reservation). 
*Click photo to sign up

7/21/20「大曲 真由美です」


こんにちは。9月よりバレエのクラスを教えさせていただく事になりました、大曲 真由美です。











UV Performing Arts のダンサー達が一歩一歩前に進んで行くことを心から応援しています!(大曲 真由美)


Hello, my name is Mayumi Omagari.  I start teaching Ballet from September.

First of all,  I appreciate this wonderful opportunity.  I am excited to teach students of UV Performing Arts again!

Ballet needs a lot of patience.  Begin to learn fundamental movement during paying attention to all of your small muscle. It is a special training to build a correct muscle from the top through your core to bottom your toe. Basic detail training for any dance style with a grace.

My class start with basic ballet training.  Each class has one or two goals to focus on the techniques.  It is not fancy and entertainment class but I guarantee everyone to be able to build correct body structure and to dance any style of dance in a future.

See you next week!

Mayumi Omagari

7/18/20「西原 礼奈です」

UV Performing Arts にて、9月より、コンテンポラリー講師を務めさせていただきます、西原 礼奈です。


私は3歳でバレエを始め留学先のNYにて、The Ailey School (アルビンエイリー)を修了後、コンテンポラリーというジャンルに出会いました。帰国後、まだコンテンポラリーへの認知が薄い日本にて、バレエをベースとしたコンテンポラリーのワークショップの講師をし、自身もコンクールのコンテンポラリー部門で、多数受賞をしてきました。その後、バレエ団やバレエ教室にて、コンテンポラリーの指導や振付を行ってきました。新しいムーブメントにしどろもどろになりながらも、懸命に取り組む姿には、毎度、尊敬と、感動を得る機会に恵まれました。
















9月からよろしくお願いします。(西原 礼奈)


Hello, my name is Lena Nishihara.  I teach Contemporary dance.


I started Ballet when I was 3 years old.  I graduated Ailey School (Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Company) and study Contemporary Dance in NYC. After returning to Japan, I start compete Modern and Contemporary dance. I also teach Ballet company and train young dancers to compete dance competition in Japan.


Big focus in my class is stretch.


Back in my old days, dancers are taught forcefully stretch their body.  Unfortunately, injury is part of dance world.  In 2020, no more injury.  Body is very precious and you need to have a knowledge to talk to your own body.


My lesson plan is:

Warm up with correct stretch

Know how to communicate your body

Contemporary choreography


My goal is to help dancers to understand how to use their core and to dance precisely. 


Looking forward to dancing with you!


Lena Nishihara




















UV Performing Arts の教師たちは、一生懸命頑張っている生徒達を褒めてあげたい気持ちでいっぱいです。なぜなら、遠い昔、自分達も同じように、一生懸命やってきたからこそ、子供たちの努力がしんしんと伝わります。しかし、教師たちも皆、自分にも他人にも正直であり、半可通にならず、心を込めて精一杯指導しています。UV Performing Arts の生徒たちは、そんな覚悟を決めた指導者たちに「生徒達が上手になってくれますように」と、クラスで指摘ばかりされ、頑張っています。


お父さん、お母さん、そんな、一生懸命なお子さんの心の支えになってあげてください。そしてまた、強い心を持ち、ダンスクラスで沢山学べるように、どうか、お家では、努力家のお子さんをいっぱいいっぱい、褒めてあげて下さいね!(薄井ビラリアル 英里)


One of my student asked me in Zoom class.  "How can I improve my dance?"


'Art' is where we make meaning beyond language.  To improve your art form such as dance, is to keep working hard everyday to be able to perform beyond language. Unfortunately there is no easy way.  She was like "no way!".  I feel you, too.  Dance seems like fun and exciting.  It is fun and exciting. Because it is performed by dancers who enjoy practicing and improving to be the best. 


Working hard and practicing everyday is the fundamental work as an artist. If you want to improve your dance, keep practicing what you've learned . Not practice until you can do it.  Practice until you do not make any mistakes.  


If you want to improve your dance, always discover something that you can improve every time you dance.  


We know that taking teacher's critics might be hard for you.  Everyone likes good complement for sure.  But looking for a complement in every class sometimes stop improving. 


So please be honest to yourself, to your techniques, and to your mistakes.  Please do not stop your limit.  Trust your strength and your teacher.  We do our best to help our students improve their skills.  We know it is not easy to listen some critics. We have been through the same path when we were young and we feel our dancer's pain and struggle more than anything.  However, we know that critic helps to discover something to improve. It helps you to improve your dance quicker also.    Be humble and believe in yourself. 


I am very horned to teach such an amazing dancers for so many years.  Especially dancers who stay with UV Performing Arts and continue dancing together in this pandemic. They return to dance class every week and take criticism for improvement. They are the dance warriors with a strength and honesty.  They are beautiful artist that I respect.


So please hold your child after his/her dance lesson and give them the best complement.  Our warriors practice very hard and try to improve everyday.  Your complement helps them to improve their dance skills.  We promise to continue offering your child the best dance instruction with our dignity and honesty.  And we appreciate your support, always.


Eri U-V


7/11/20「UV Performing Arts です」

「舞台力」を身に着ける場、UV Performing Arts です。




まずは、3月よりスタジオ閉鎖が始まり、このような状況となった今も、UV Performing Arts と一緒に、継続を決断された方々へ、皆様の勇気と行動力に心から尊敬と感謝の意を表します。リモートクラスであっても、五体満足で踊れる事、同じ目標を掲げるチームメイトがいてくれることなど、感謝の気持ちを忘れず、自己へも他人へも胸を張って生きれるパフォーマーとして、一緒に進んでいきましょう。


Because of this pandemic, we only see each other through online or with the mask on.  UV Performing Arts create a new blog "UV Performing Arts Backstage".  We share our class information and continue to communicate with all of you through this new normal.


Please follow "Blogger"  and "Instagram"  or you can find us through our website.


Thank you for your continued support for UV Performing Arts.  We appreciate your decision and courage to keep dancing with us.  Also appreciating to be able to dance with wonderful teammate and healthy body in this pandemic.  Stay together.  Dance together. Rise together.


UV Performing Arts