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Description of Performance:


COMMUNITY PERFORMANCE: UV DANCE SQUAD has a varied repertoire of dances including Japanese dance, theater dance, jazz, hip hop, modern dance, as well as many other pieces appropriate for a variety of settings. Please contact Artistic Director, Eri Usui-Villareal, to discuss the length and content of a concert best suited to your venue and needs.


·         Target Audience: All ages – toddlers through adults

·         Required Space for Presentation: Minimum 20' x 20' gym or stage space and changing facilities.

·         Length of Community Concert: 20-40 minutes

·         Cost: One concert – $600; two concerts – $1000

·         Number of Dancers: 5 – 15


Transportation costs for concerts outside the greater Seattle area arranged on an individual basis.


UV Performing Arts Youth Performance Group ‘UV DANCE SQUAD’: UV Performing Arts is the home of a remarkable youth dance crew called ‘UV DANE SQUAD’. With dancers aged from five to 16, this Washington-based group wows and inspires people young and old with its versatile performance techniques and style. The main mission of UV DANCE SQUAD is to support young people in our community to stay off the streets and away from destructive behavior or crime, and to assist in a partnership for a drug-free America. To do this, UV DANCE SQUAD members must practice at least twice a week to build technique and teamwork. These classes help our students improve their focus, co-ordination, self-confidence and creativity inside the dance studio and in all areas of their lives. The UV DANCE SQUAD offers exciting and fun-to-watch dance performances lasting between ten and 90 minutes that all ages can enjoy. We tweak our performance to any theme, but we specialize in seasonal and children’s performances with appropriate music for the public. During any given performance, you might see many different dance styles and movement forms, such as jazz, modern, hip hop, African, and Japanese. A performance might also include singing and drumming.Through Founder Eri Usui-Villareal’s artistic direction and her philosophy that young people are able to achieve a professional level of artistic expression, UV DANCE SQUAD has established its unique place among dance companies in US. Performing in and out of state such as Seattle Center, Woodland Park Zoo and Walt Disney World. Also performed for Stephanie Reese’s concert with Melissa Reese (Guns n’ Roses band member) at Beneroya Hall.  Our talented and eager UV DANCE SQUAD performers will not disappoint and guarantee to share their skills with their community would be an inspiring and uplifting event.