Youth performance team: UV DANCE SQUAD

Youth performance team: UV DANCE SQUAD (UVDS) combines hard work and dedication with a sense of teamwork and respect.  All of our students only compete with their 'best self' rather than against others.  Our members grow very close among each other with their Instructors and UV Performing Arts Director.  Performing in and out of state such as Seattle Center, Woodland Park Zoo and Disney World. Participating in master classes and workshops gives UVDS performers the opportunity to grow as individuals and performing artist.  Our goal for UVDS is to train a performer who not only has a good techniques but an artist who everyone wants to be around and makes people want to work with no matter what age they are.

How to become UV DANCE SQUAD member?

To become a UV DANCE SQUAD member is by audition only.

Audition is held in September every year.  For more information, please contact to Eri Usui-Villareal, the UV Performing Arts Director.

How do you know if my child is ready for UV DANCE SQUAD team?

  • If he/she is at least 6 years old and has had 2-3 years of dance experience. (Highly recommended)
  • If he/she takes dance classes seriously and work hard in class and outside of class.
  • If he/she feels like dance is a part of them, not just an activity that they participate in.
  • If he/she can respect others including team mates, parents, instructors and director.
  • If he/she is willing to be better than only him/herself.
  • If he/she loves being on stage and wants to challenge more performing opportunities.