UV Performing Arts Student Showcase 2020

You are so invited. No ticket required. Just your awesome self. UV Performing Arts Virtual Student Showcase will be Zoom  livestream. No tickets required, just show up!                    Need more info? Virtual showcase FAQ below…

Virtual Student Showcase FAQ:

What will happen at the UV Performing Arts Virtual Student Showcase?

We will be sharing an update on where we are at right now and virtual performances from UV Performing Arts dancers and friends. Virtual  performances are videotaped at their home during the school closure.  All from the comfort of your home; wear your pajamas! The whole event will be less than 60 minutes and we promise it will be heartwarming and joyful.


How exactly do I participate in the virtual student showcase?

Sign up and you will receive a 'Zoom' link.



Do I need Zoom?

Yes.  Please download 'Zoom' app at least half hour before the showcase.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/

You will receive a link after you click here to sign up.  We apologize for inconvenience. However, your effort will help us avoid Zoom-bombing.


Is this event free to attend?

Yes. We of course hope you will be inspired to make a gift as part of the virtual student showcase, but it is not required. We know it is very difficult time financially for many many families. We would love to have your presence, whether you can make a donation now or not. Here is what you can do to support us:



1, Just show up and enjoy the show together!

2, You can sign up for UV Performing Arts Virtual Summer Camps! 


3, You can help us hugely by sharing our Virtual Showcase page


4, Contact us to receive other way to support UV Performing Arts 




UV Performing Arts is a team effort. No matter how you support us, we are glad to have you on our team.